Connect Things to the world

miThings offers IT services and solutions in the area of eHealth and Internet of Things (IoT), including connected Bluetooth, WiFi and NB-IoT devices with low energy consumption, app development in a mobile environment and cloud solutions in combination with connected sensors. The main focus is to develop and provide technological solutions for organisational clients, including information systems and platforms, IoT solutions and self-care mobile applications.

miThings is by connecting information and signals to cloud systems through technology as NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi and NB-IoT, creating intuitive solutions for the industry in terms. We develop connectivity products for industrial use for reading wireless cards, GPS trackers and data collection with Bluetooth Mesh & NB-IoT.

We develop and offers innovative eHealth solutions with the aim to improve patients awareness, self-management and communication with clinicians to support treatment plans and make an overall human and efficient experience with a minimum of administrative work.