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EC2B Mobility Service

EC2B is a company developing sustainable mobility service for real estate. EC2B packages various mobility services (car pool, bike pool, public transport, etc.) and makes them easily available through the EC2B app. 

In this project miThings has been responsibe for developing the mobile application for Android and IoS, as well as the underlying backend/database, including APIs to different services provided. Work was started in 2022 and an early version supporting booking of bikes and locking/unlocking using LINKA Bluetooth locks was launched by fall of 2022. 

During 2023 a new version was developed and released supporting also MABI rental cars and Västrafik, including payment solutions for credit card, Swish and invoice through Svea Wallet. The service will continue to be developed together with EC2B and other parties going forward.

For more information about the service, see also: EC2B – hållbar mobilitetstjänst för fastigheter 

R-IoT radar sensor

Together with SweIoT AB, miThings has developed a multi purpose radar sensor solution based on Acconeer XM122 IoT module.  The solution enables cost efficient application in harsh environments or inaccessible locations due to long battery life, robust and weatherproof design as well as low unit cost.  A number of different use cases can be realized such as presence detection, level detection, movement detection etc.

The solution does not only consist of a sensor but the whole eco-system from sensor to wireless connectivity including data storage, analysis and visualization. Integration can easily be done to proprietary or legacy systems if required.

Several pilot projects are currently ongoing and the sensor solution will be available early in 2022. Contact miThings for more information!

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addMobile is a company that delivers IT services to the construction industry. To enable addMobile's solutions miThings has participated in developing connected IoT solutions and products including short and long range wireless technology supporting NFC cards and data collection with Bluetooth Low Energy and communication via modes to the cloud services.  Example of solutions created as part of this assignment:

Projects/solutions within eHealth

CompliApp - mHealth solution project

The objective with the CompliApp project is create an innovative mHealth solution for increasing compliance with mutually agreed prescriptions within healthcare, specifically for people with chronic kidney disease. The CompliApp project consists of four components:

Project run together with Region Skåne and Region Blekinge and in cooperation with Sony Network Communications, RISE, Tech4Care and Innovation Skåne. Learn more about the project below!


CompliApp is built upon Sony mSafety concept. Watch video presentation of mSafety and wristwatch!

Hyperhealth - an innovative solution for hypertension

HyperHealth is a cutting-edge self-management solution concept for people at risk for  hypertension or with diagnosed hypertension. The solution consists of several components: A public web portal, a clinical web portal, a patient web portal as well as a patient mobile application. The public portal contains risk surveys, education material as well as a community in several languages.  The clinical web portal provides possibility for doctors to prescribe medication/treatments for patients, arrange online video meetings and follow up on patient health status and progress. For patients the web portal and mobile application provides functionality where they can measure and monitor their health status through external devices, and where they can interact with doctors. The mobile application also provides a game "Salty Wars", which is used to motivate and activate the patient in the fight against  hypertension! Learn more about Hyperhealth at: 

HyperHealth is being procured for and by HSMonitor, an EU project which receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, under Grant Agreement No 856698.  Hyperhealth is being run as part of a consortium consisting of miThings AB, Tech4Care Srl, Gesan Srl, Probel Computer and Innatolia R&D LLC.


The main goal with the Hygeia project is to provide updated, reliable and easily-accessible vocational education and training (VET) on personal and environment hygiene at workplace for healthcare workforce in care settings. The idea is to combat infectious diseases through raising the awareness about hygiene practices across all categories of workers (even those with low/no clinical background). The Hygeia project will result in innovative and effective VET methods, including gamification, digital handbook and survey profiling.

miThings is participating as a local partner in the Hygiea project together within a consortium of partners from Europe (Italy, Turkey and Spain).  The Hygeia project is co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme. 

Read more about Hygiea at: 


In order for us to live a good and active life, we need housing that is adapted to our needs. This means special requirements for housing for the elderly and people with functional variations. How accessible are Sweden's homes for the elderly really?

miThings has developed an inventory service for the housing situation for elderly. The service consists of a mobile application for measurements and inventory, a cloud database for storage of results and a web interface where statistical housing data could be analyzed and combined with common functional limitations for elderly.  

The project was conducted as a mass experiment where everyone could participate, regardless of age. Seniors, people with disabilities and school classes were important target groups for the research project. The project was carried out during September, October and the beginning of November 2021. The last day for measurements was 12 November.

After the data collection was completed, the researchers begun processing and analyzing the data. What the results say and what conclusions the researchers draw, we will find out in the spring of 2022, when the final report is released. But you can already now get an insight into the results via the open database.

På Rätt Plats

The project "På Rätt Plats" is another project about creating a service to help elderly with their housing situation and how to be able the live the life that they desire.  The objective is to help elderly with analyzing their current living situation and guide them in the decision process on how and where to live during the later stages  of their life.

The service consists of a simple questionnaire with individual recommendation as well education material and information on how to act to improve or change your living situation, dependent on your current situation.  Currently a prototype of the service is being created an prepared for pilot tests during 2022. The project is run together with Centre for Ageing and Supportive Environments (CASE) at Lund University.  

You can find the prototype of the service at: 


A VR-based solution for stroke rehabilitation. Funded by MAGIC PCP

The MAGIC-GLASS project aims to develop an innovative home rehabilitation solution for rehabilitation of stroke survivors. MAGIC-GLASS exploits the potential of augmented and virtual reality (VR) for enabling the patient to perform optimal physical and cognitive rehabilitation at home, by means of serious games grounded on the mirror-therapy approach. 

The MAGIC-GLASS project are currently running field trials in Italy and Northern Ireland.

The solution is developed in a partnership with miThings, Tech4Care and Ulster University. 


Connected mobile and wearable devices for improving management of chronic pain . Funded by RELIEF PCP

VR-RELIEF is an innovative eHealth solution, integrated with an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) system, which aims to improve self-management, empowerment and engagement in treatment for patients suffering from chronic pain. VR-RELIEF is composed by the following four components: (1) a scalable hardware platform based on a standard smartphone and additional mobile devices for enabling VR environment; (2) a proprietary software with a virtual coach, patient personal profile with bio-psychosocial data, and a library of VR applications and gamified exercises for pain treatment, relaxation and rehabilitation; (3) a web-based interoperable platform for data exploitation, audio-/video-communication among patients and professionals, and eventual Internet-of-Things (IOT) devices; (4) certified materials for patients’ training and self-management.

Field trials is currently setup in Uppsala Sweden, Paris France and Cordoba in Spain.

The solution is developed in a partnership with miThings, Tech4Care and Ulster University. 


Home4Dem is an innovative and modular, third generation ICT solution to support people with dementia and their caregivers. The goal of Home4Dem is to address the challenge of dementia through the large-scale deployment of an innovative ICT platform in the market and to enable people with dementia to live at home independently and to maintain an active social life, thus improving their quality of life and that of their caregivers.

The Swedish field trial is conducted in Telleborgs Kommun.  miThings is supporting Hemtjänsten with technical assistans to install and maintain the equipment in the home of people with dementia and to secure the input of data to the study. 

The project Home4Dem is co-funded by the AAL Joint Program and the national funding authorities and R&D programs in Italy, Switzerland, Norway, and Sweden (Vinnova). The Swedish program is managed by the Department of Health Sciences Faculty of Medicine Lund University.