About miThings

miThings - Connecting Things to the Internet

miThings is a company working with services and products in the mobile internet of Things (miThings) domain. The company was founded by Knut Mårtensson and Fredrik Nilsask end of 2013. Peter Lerup became a co-owner in the company October 2014.

Knut and Peter have extensive experience from the telecom industry and mobile data technologies, from numerous development and research projects, in roles from software and hardware engineer, investigator, business developer, to project and line manager.

Knut Mårtensson         


knut.martensson at mithings.se +46 (0)705 563812


peter.lerup at mithings.se

Thomas Bergström

COO / Project Manager

thomas.bergstrom at mithings.se+46 (0)703 807223

Alex On

System Developer

alex.on at mithings.se

Johan Mårtensson

System Developer

johan.martensson at mithings.se

Kety Gutierrez

Medical expert / Nurse

kety.gutierrez at mithings.se

Viktor Johansson

System Developer

viktor.johansson at mithings.se

Fatlum Haliti

System Developer

fatlum.haliti at mithings.se

Linn Mårtensson

Project Assistant

linn.martensson at mithings.se

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