We’re very proud of a number of interesting and successful projects to various customers around the world;


Connected IoT solutions and product for the construction industry including short and long range wireless technology.


A VR-based solution for stroke rehabilitation. Funded by MAGIC PCP Phase 2 (2017-2018)

The MAGIC-GLASS project aims to develop an innovative home rehabilitation solution for rehabilitation of stroke survivors. MAGIC-GLASS exploits the potential of augmented and virtual reality (AR / VR) for enabling the patient to perform optimal physical and cognitive rehabilitation at home, by means of serious games grounded on the mirror-therapy approach. In Phase 2, the MAGIC-GLASS project will have a twofold aim: to develop a working prototype that could demonstrate the technical feasibility and impact potential of the proposed solution; to seek approval or opinion by competent ethics committees in Italy and Northern Ireland for future clinical trials.


Connected mobile and wearable devices for improving management of chronic pain . Funded by RELIEF PCP Phase 2 (2017-2018)

VR-RELIEF is an innovative eHealth solution, integrated with an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) system, which aims to improve self-management, empowerment and engagement in treatment for patients suffering from chronic pain. VR-RELIEF is composed by the following four components: (1) a scalable hardware platform based on a standard smartphone and additional mobile devices for enabling VR environment; (2) a proprietary software with a virtual coach, patient personal profile with bio-psychosocial data, and a library of VR applications and gamified exercises for pain treatment, relaxation and rehabilitation; (3) a web-based interoperable platform for data exploitation, audio-/video-communication among patients and professionals, and eventual Internet-of-Things (IOT) devices; (4) certified materials for patients’ training and self-management, as well as a social community tool for patients and their family carers.

During Phase 1, the VR-RELIEF solution will be designed with focuses on technical, financial and commercial feasibility. VR-RELIEF will be designed to be fully incorporated into the standard care pathway. The solution will be used within the Pain Centers settings, where the patient with chronic pain will be assessed and supported through the introduction to the solution (also thanks to tutorials). Through the provision of cloud-based services, the patient profile will be created and stored online. The patients will be free to use the solution at home or wherever they prefer, given its portability. They could enjoy the VR applications for pain treatment and empowerment, including enhanced relaxation methods, rehabilitation exercises and serious games, training materials, and communication and social community features for interaction with other patients and/or health professionals. The practitioners will be able to monitor the patients from the clinic, deciding frequency and pattern of direct contacts (both synchronous and asynchronous), and setting up eventual follow-up meetings for further examinations.


Connecting Patients and Carers using wearable sensor technolohlogy

Funded by NIGHTINGALE PCP Phase 1 (2017-2018)


Innovative ICT for patient empowerment and self-management of type 2 diabetes mellitus. Funded by ProEmpower PCP Phase I (2018)

DiaWatch is an innovative mHealth solution for tackling the rising incidence rate of diabetes, by providing a more effective, personalised diabetes management solution for all diabetes type 2 patients, including non-insulin and insulin dependent patients, asymptomatic ones, but also those people at risk of developing diabetes. DiaWatch is a scalable and modular solution, composed by the following four components:

1) a sensing system platform;

2) an app for patients;

3) a (desktop and mobile) app for clinicians;

4) an interoperable cloud-based system.

Ultimately, DiaWatch aims at reshaping the foundations of the doctor-patient relations and improving the care of diabetes patients in different healthcare systems. By providing an innovative approach to manage diabetes DiaWatch will enable individuals with (or at risk of) diabetes to achieve a better quality of life and connecting healthcare professionals and patients.


A boost for R&D work in deprived areas linked to the test of the MAGIC-GLASS prototype

Funded by INNOLABS project (2017-2018)

Bo tillgängligt

Tool for evaluate accessibility in private home for elderly using the instrument

Säkerhets kritisk infrastruktur

Smarta och Offentliga Miljöer (SOM)

-Säkerhets kritisk infrastruktur - surveillance of elctricity cabinets using Bluetooth mesh network


HOME-based ICT solutions FOR the independent living of people with DEMentia and their caregivers involving Hemtjänsten in Trelleborg.


ICT solutions for the persons with dementia and caregivers. Funded by FORTE and managed by Medicinska Fakulteten at Lund University.


tryck till

-Tryck Till - Cyclists register where they experience unsafe situations in traffic

Funded by Lunds Kommun


BlueGate is a software package, which implements a gateway for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices. It main purpose is to convey information from the BTLE devices onto different type of cloud services. The package is implemented in Python and uses the BlueZ Bluetooth stack. The core of the system are classes which handle detection and connection of all available BLE nodes. The gateway keeps itself updated with all information about the states of all available Bluetooth services in the different BLE nodes and this can then be reported to cloud services. BlueGate access BlueZ via its executable programs and hence do not inherit any of the GPL implications of the BlueZ software. The package also contains a small web server which presents a REST API for accessing all the BLE node information. This REST API implements a subset of the specifications described in the documents GATT-REST-API-WhitePaper_D05r11.pdf and GAP-REST-API-WhitePaper_D05r06, but it can easily be extended to support more parts. It is not mandatory to use the REST API if another approach is desired. All the core classes are available for other Python implementations.

The package comes with example of how to send data to cloud services but it is also very easy to add new ones. The reporting interval for the cloud services can be either time interval specific or based on BLE notifications. A number of example web pages, which demonstrate how to build a user interface to the gateway is also provided in the BlueGate package. BlueGate can be used on any operating system where the BlueZ package is available.